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Why Do You Need AMC Software For Service Based Business?

AMC Software Solution

If you provide Repair and Maintenance Services then you have to get an AMC Software for Service Based Business!

What is AMC?

AMC or Annual Maintenance Contracts are contracts you enter into with your customers to provide regular repair and maintenance services for the products you have provided to your customer under the terms of the contract. Your company charges some lump sum amount from your customer for specified product for a fixed period of time and fixed services. The service can be of any property owned by your customer ranging from the large manufacturing machine creating their products down to the computers and printers used in their offices.

Each contract will be slightly different because situations differ from business to business. It might cover the maintenance of a certain type of machinery that the business relies on. Those are the kinds of things that tend to be covered by AMCs..

5 Reasons Service-Based Businesses Enter into Annual Maintenance Contracts

1. AMC Makes Budgeting Easier

A predefined contract provides almost no chance for Haggling. Your customers already know what to expect from and what you expect from them. This will not only allow you to give complete focus on your services but also make your budgeting easier.

2. Help Customers Get More Out of the Hardware or Machinery

Your customer’s work process depends on smooth functioning of Hardwares and other Machinery. More often than not, your customer will not recognise the early signs of when the machinery requires maintenance. By the time they call you in for servicing, their machinery may already be in pretty-bad shape!

However, if you maintain an AMC and accordingly provide on-time services, they can get more out of the Hardware or Machinery.

3. No Interferences from Customers

An AMC with your customers ensures that they focus on their priorities while they leave the maintenance of the Machinery to professionals, that is you!

With no interference in your work as they are already aware, you can put complete focus in your work.

4. Provide Your Customers With Services From Your Best Technicians

If you have an AMC in place you can build a proper schedule as to which technician will handle which Servicing Job at what time. Scheduling ahead of time helps you to match your best technician with the best job!

5. Better Customer Service

With an AMCin place, you can provide timely maintenance services with proper preparations which in turn leads to better customer services. 

AMC Software for Service Based Business

An AMC Software for Service Based Business displays concise information on all AMCs due. The details of AMC reaching renewal can be accessed just by some clicks on the same software. You can manage Annual Maintenance Contracts for any type of products that could have warranty contracts and needs regular servicing.

5 Reasons for getting an AMC Software for Service Based Business

Automation Reduces Human Error! 

An AMC Software for Service Based Business will digitize the AMC process. This will lead to more accuracy in calculation and timeliness in repair and maintenance services. Each stage in AMC software involves automation which helps to reduce any error or missing of important information. There will be less to no human error!


Email and messages will be automatically generated from the AMC Software for Service Based Business to your customers in various cases such as the end of the agreement, complaint redressal, service dates, payments due and so on..

Manage Service Contract

The AMC Software for Service Based Business will help you keep track of every contract detail such as the number of the times services have been provided, expiry dates, etc.  With this feature you will be informed about any upcoming renewal contracts, thereby building a strong relationship with customers. This reduces the chance of losing contracts. 

Manage Product Services

You can handle the AMC of a product you provided, from the date when the product issues were recorded to warranty periods and all other important information using the AMC Software for Service Based Business. You can maintain organized and dynamic records of the maintenance process through this software. 

Easy Customer Management

The AMC Managment System will help you to manage your customer’s details. The AMC software will help in customer management in the simplest manner. The customer can rest assured that proper handling of their complaints is taking place in your organization thanks to AMC softwares!.


AMC Software for Service Based Business keeps track of all the information related to a particular annual maintenance contract which is accessible very easily. It manages all your customer details and their product purchase information. You can manage the AMC of any type of products that could have warranty contracts and need regular servicing with this Software. it is advisable that if you are a Repair and Maintenance Service Provider, you should get this software immediately and by the best in the field! .