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Best Fantasy Cricket App in India

To know about the Best Fantasy Cricket App in India it is important to understand the emotions behind it!

Way before fantasy sports became popular in India, you could only enjoy sports like Cricket, Football, Basketball by watching on TV as an audience from your living room.

However, fantasy sports have changed the way the fans can consume their favorite sports. Passive viewers like us can now actively participate in this kind of gaming which will keep us at the edge of our seats.

In India, every sports fan has an opinion about how things should be. Not one match will go by without us constantly suggesting what moves they should deploy. But our expertise cannot be used on Real Matches but Fantasy sports has become an enabler.

We can now go closer to the real-time action. While cricket certainly has triumphed among fantasy sports in India as it is our National Sport, other sports such as football, kabaddi and basketball (NBA) have also started gaining popularity in recent times.

What are Fantasy Sports?

A fantasy sport is a type of game played over the Internet, where a Fantasy Gamer assembles an imaginary team composed of the proxies of real players of that professional sport participating in say, Indian Premier League (IPL), English Premier League (EPL) the National Basketball Association (NBA), etc., using their sport knowledge and analytical skills. 

These gamers are called “Managers” and they form a team of players in a specific league, who earn points based on real-life statistics that are converted into fantasy points. Managers earn fantasy points based on the players’ performances in real-life sports. Each Manager competes against other Managers and their teams in this Best Fantasy Cricket App in India

There are two types of games prevalent in the Best Fantasy Cricket App in India. The first is the series based matches/IPL and the second one is the Daily Fantasy Match contests played by the players worldwide.

The Best Fantasy App in India generally uses the daily fantasy version. Gamers pay an entry fee to enter a contest, the prize money for which is predetermined by the platform. Taking the example of cricket; points are earned on a variety of statistics like the runs scored by a batsman, wickets taken by a bowler and catches/run-outs initiated by a fielder. The gamers have to select a captain and vice-captain among the 11 players and their performance normally fetches some extra points. At the end of the match, the Gamer with the highest points wins the game.

Are Fantasy Sports Apps in demand?

Sources say, The Indian fantasy sports industry is expected to be worth US$ 3.7 billion by 2024, creating a huge opportunity for new entrants. The market has witnessed a 700% increase in the past decade in the number of fantasy sports operators and a 2,500% spike in the number of fantasy sports users.”

According to the Fantasy Sports and Gaming Association, 20 million people are playing fantasy games across India, a figure projected to rise over time.

Millions of sports lovers, worldwide, and cricket lovers in India, engage in Best Fantasy Cricket App in India and abroad. This number is projected to accelerate rapidly in the near future due to the launch of user-friendly fantasy gaming applications and rising internet penetration.

Fantasy sports gaming has also attracted investors and has secured a decent amount of Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) in India. In fact, in 2018-2019, the market in India gained INR 15,000 Crores, about $15 billion.

Features of the Best Fantasy Cricket App in India

The following are the features of the Best Fantasy Cricket App in India:

  • A Game of Skill and not of chance
  • Easy to Play with no complexity
  • Enter Practice Contests
  • Enter Cash Contests
  • Quick Score Updates
  • See Your Playing History
  • Check Your Global Ranking
  • Invite Your Friends & Earn a Bonus
  • Easy process of Adding Money
  • Check Wallet Details
  • Win Real Cash and Withdraw as well
  • Get KYC Approved Accounts for Withdrawal

Fantasy cricket was bound to be popular in a country like India, where the sport is considered as a religion. There are many new fantasy cricket app 2020 in the market that allow you to play fantasy cricket and earn money. But the most important feature that the Best Fantasy Cricket App in India should have is an attractive and functional user interface!

It is always advisable to check the requirements and compatibility of the app with your device before proceeding to download it!

Is the Best Fantasy Cricket App in India legal?

Absolutely, the Best Fantasy Cricket App in India is safe and legal! 

A game of chance is one where the players can win a prize but have no control over the outcome. Examples include lotteries, sports betting and casino games, such as roulette and poker. Unlike games of “chance”, games of skill which substantially require a player to apply his skill are absolutely legal.

While the game of skill is permitted by Indian laws, game of chance is strictly prohibited. 

The laws in certain States of India are unclear whether playing games of skill for cash prizes is legal or not. Most Fantasy sports app developers keep the laws in mind and launch caution notices for gamers from the states where these Fantasy Sports apps are not allowed.

The Oldest in the Game in India

The oldest player in the fantasy sports industry is Dream 11 which was founded way back in 2008. The app had trouble gaining popularity in its initial years. This app was initially just for cricket enthusiasts. This concept gained a lot of interest by 2014 and this fantasy cricket app reported 1 million registered users. The number further grew.

Dream 11 paved the way for wonderful fantasy sports applications by app developers, some based on cricket only while some on football, basketball and more.


It is the return of India’s most popular sporting event IPL every year that constantly keeps the Cricket fans all hyped up in India.. The football fans in India were happy too because of the return of the Premier League.

And as the major leagues start, fantasy sports enthusiasts are the happiest. They quickly get on board with different fantasy sports apps to feel more involved with the sport. This has  resulted in a surge in the number of fantasy sports app users, particularly Best Fantasy Cricket App in India, quite remarkably.

Fantasy Sports have just started gaining popularity in the market and its popularity is bound to increase and engulf the sports world someday in future. These apps have high potential!