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Importance and Need for Delivery/Doorstep Services During COVID-19

Doorstep Services During COVID-19

Everybody needs to eat, clean and care for themselves but going out of the house in the midst of a pandemic is only going to increase the risk of infections. 

The onset of the COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted most aspects of life, including the way people buy products and services. Government-instructed lockdowns that have kept consumers at home have prevented normal shopping patterns, Even if they cannot go out, they still need to find some way to buy products and access services for basic day to day living. So the consumers turn to online sources for this purpose.

Many businesses having no online presence have closed down as an impact of the pandemic. Only essential businesses, such as pharmacies and grocery stores, have managed to remain open but with reduced operations. Many restaurants have closed if they do not offer takeout and home delivery. For many consumers, home delivery and doorstep service has been a solution against challenges created by COVID-19. 

Some businesses in the service industry have tried to provide doorstep services by sending a technician to check the item that requires repair instead of asking the customer to drop the product at the store. These days more and more service-based businesses are trying to offer doorstep services more so because of the pandemic. 

Here are More Reasons why Business Owners Need to Expand Online and Start Home Delivery as well as Doorstep Services to Reach their Customers in this COVID-19 Pandemic.

To Grow Your Business 

E-commerce has been growing rapidly already, but the advent of COVID-19 seems to have accelerated the trend further. The online food, beverages, and grocery market have seen explosive growth. As the pandemic has not seen a low yet, the market for e-commerce and it’s home delivery service is likely to grow further. This has also led to the rise in doorstep service industry like maintenance and repair, medical, salon services and so on. 

To Create More Job Opportunities 

E-commerce and home delivery services are likely to have an impact on not only the job market but also the transportation sector and the environment. As home delivery services increase the employment opportunities for delivery agents, which means vehicles and people who can drive those vehicles. Also, the number of professionals registered with business owners to provide doorstep services are also increasing. This is helping all people who have been laid off as a result of the pandemic to find work again. 

To Avoid Unnecessary Crowding 

Not only does crowding in stores to buy things totally negate the policy of social distancing but also puts customers at greater risk of infections, especially from those who are asymptomatic or are not actively taking precautions like wearing masks, etc. Also, home delivery ensures that people can avoid touching people, places and things without sanitizing their hands which could risk spread of infection. 

To Improve Customer Service 

Your customers won’t have to wait until you can tend to other customers and finally look at them. Customers feel ignored and don’t want to visit such stores again, However, they can stay at home safe, place their orders through the website or APP and get their products or services delivered to them at their doorstep without having to wait for their chance!

To Encourage Cashless Payments

When you remain at home for stretches of time without visiting an ATM, it is not possible to have a lot of cash in hand, maybe enough for emergencies. Customers find it convenient if they are able to pay with modes other than cash, like debit cards or third party wallets. So online payment modes made available through the website or APP of the store makes it easier for the customers.

To Ensure Safe Delivery Of Products And Services 

While the one customer visiting the store will not be as careful in practicing the safety measures to be safe from the pandemic, that one store staff who is packing items from several customers and the delivery agent delivering to several customers will ensure that they are continually disinfecting and sanitizing. 

To Ensure Availability Of Stock & Service Providers

Not having a product in stock or a preferred service provider available when the customer’s needs arise can mean losses in the long run. The customer will prefer switching over to a different shop. However, if a customer places orders through an APP or website, the vendors get enough time to arrange the products or make service providers available for the customers for on-time delivery.

To Provide Great Services Along With Quality Products Under One Roof 

Of course when I said ecommerce, I was focusing on products but did you know you can also make doorstep services available along with the products for your customers during this pandemic? 

Say, you sell electronic products. How wonderful it would be if you could also provide repair services through the same platform? The customers would in reality have a one stop solution for all their needs and they would not have to look any further. 


There are various ecommerce platforms that are making essential products available through online mediums but you can be a step ahead in the game by using our, Quarks Tech Infosoft’s software solution. You could expand online with not only premium quality products but also top-notch services through one software package. A complete one stop platform for all customer needs in that one particular industry. 

Which industry you choose to enter has literally no limits. You could provide Doctor Appointment Facilities along with availability of prescription medicines. You could provide hair care and beauty products along with salon facilities and much more. 

In short, Our Solution could help you sell a limitless range of both Products and Services in the industry you serve!