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Most Effective App Marketing Strategies To Boost Your App Downloads

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We live in a world where over 40 percent of the planet’s population is online, and nearly a third of the world owns a smartphone. People are connected like never before, and that has given organizations the exceptional capacity to transform the whole world into a client base. APPs have played a part during the coronavirus pandemic, helping to facilitate social distancing and contact tracing for example, Arogya Setu and more. Not to mention the crucial role they’ve played in allowing us to keep in touch with distant friends, family, and colleagues.

If your business has an APP that adds value to the lives of several people, it is only right that they should be able to find and download it as soon as possible!

The challenge? Every other business is trying to do the same, with the same audience. The Application market is the new frontier in a battle between businesses for growth and profitability, where more than 3,000,000 diverse applications are present with equal chance to transform countless free clients into paying clients.

Here are Some Strategies To Boost Your App Downloads

APP Store Optimization

ASO is specifically what increases the visibility of your app in the marketplace. The higher its rank, the more users will find your app when they search, the more they will download!

  • Create a wonderful APP Logo
  • Decide an appealing APP Name that sticks with people
  • Identify keywords and target audience
  • Give an APP description that is to the point as to what the APP offers
  • Create a Demo Video, if possible
  • Share appealing screenshots from the APP
  • Monitor your competitors
  • Ask for Reviews
  • Provide Social Proof
  • Keep a look on total APP downloads- downloads lead to more downloads

These factors will not only impact how your APP is ranked by the APP store algorithm, but it will also play a big role in how potential customers will view your APP when it comes to choosing what to to download. This is why ASO is the most important step of getting more APP downloads.

ASO still remains underused by marketers. So now is the time to include this strategy to take advantage of this extremely Cost-Effective Technique to Increase APP Downloads.

Create an Online Presence

Start by increasing your brand awareness. Push your APP everywhere you can on the web but first, create a unique website or a landing page for your APP. Building a website or a landing page will help you share useful content about your APP. Having a central point where visitors can learn more about your app is essential. 

Along with your website, you can also create a blog page, which would be part of your website/landing page to offer some news about your app, like new available features, a new design, updates and so on.

Also, it is essential to create a Social Media Presence. The greater your social presence, the better.

Mobile Marketing Campaigns

You can’t rely solely on ASO to achieve an increase in the number of APP downloads. Especially when the position can be influenced by Mobile Marketing Campaigns.

Social Media Marketing

You can use a combination of sponsored stories and promoted posts targeted to mobile news feeds via Facebook. You can use promoted tweets to encourage APP downloads. You can also try a hand at influencer marketing! You can use sites like Reddit, Quora are a very good platforms to tell people how your APP can solve their problems

Email Marketing

Email marketing remains the most efficient form of digital marketing to promote a digital product. Once you’ve created a website and blog dedicated to your APP, you can create a form or use a landing page to collect the emails of interested prospects and share content from your blog or relevant articles to continue engaging those prospects until they convert

Content Marketing

Be it video, text or audio, nothing beats content marketing. By creating high-quality content for your users

Bulk SMS

SMS use between people has fallen drastically (thanks to messenger apps). Yet, SMS marketing is flourishing, as people are more prone to open the few messages they get through SMS.

Listing on APP Directory Sites

Nothing is as direct as this method. Get your app reviewed by tech bloggers. Also, post your app on all of the app directory sites you can find.


Although English is used across the globe, lots of people still prefer using apps in their mother tongue. Also, there are a lot of non-English speaking folk around the world where people prefer to use apps in their local language.Research confirms that localizing apps by using other languages is a sure way of increasing downloads.

Studies reveal that if you localize your app to languages other than English, it can increase the downloads of your app significantly. Also, you can generate much more traffic by using keywords in local languages. In this way, you will be reaching out to more and more people, which is critical for increasing download rates.

Constantly Test, Measure, Annalise and Update Your Strategy

It’s important to constantly analyze how your users are interacting with your APP in order to ensure that they remain engaged. 

You can use all insights from analysis to optimize your future campaigns. If your users from a certain source stop interacting with your APP after a day or two it could be because they weren’t a qualified audience, so you can choose to redirect your campaign efforts to other acquisition sources.

People’s tastes and preferences change everyday and so you should create strategies that can conform to such changes and trends and can be updated!

If you’re looking for the best APP Marketing Agency to help you Boost Your App Downloads and installs, you can contact us today!