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Multi Vendor E-Commerce Website

Multi Vendor E-Commerce

An Online Marketplace platform that includes everything you need to build a successful online business. In this Blog, I will discuss the benefits and more of a Multi Vendor E-commerce Website. But before that lets check out what a Multi Vendor E-commerce Marketplace Website is! 

What is a Multi Vendor E-Commerce Website?

A Multi Vendor E-Commerce Marketplace Website allows multiple merchants to register with the same eCommerce website and add to the repository its own line of products, displaying the same in different sections. It is like a single website where there is a collection of both Physical and Digital Products like fashion products, electronic gadgets, e-books, and so on – depending on the range of vendors registered with the E-Commerce Website. It is basically like an online mall wherein a varied customer base drops by, looks through and after consideration decides to buy the products. 

However the internet is filled with several options. How to decide if a multi vendor ecommerce marketplace website is worth it or not?

Benefits of a Multi Vendor E-Commerce Website

Increased Traffic

The biggest and apparently the most obvious benefit of a multi vendor ecommerce marketplace is that this website will cater to a large customer base with varied tastes and eventually draws large amounts of traffic. When you are selling products for a target audience across all breadths, the conversions will naturally be greater in number too.

Access to a Number of Business/Selling Models

A single vendor website allows one seller/vendor in one trade to connect with a variety of Customers. However, a multi vendor platform allows a number of sellers/vendors in multi-trades to connect.with the customers. This allows not only the traditional B2C selling model but more like B2B, C2B, C2C, Network Selling, Affiliate selling and more!

Availability of a Large Variety of Products

A single vendor website will only allow one seller/vendor in one trade to connect with a variety of Customers. However, in a multi vendor platform, a number of sellers/vendors in multi-trades connect with the customers. This allows a large variety of products to be available in the store.

The prime reason for this is the fact that more and more buyers are resorting to the Internet to buy stuff. So while they are on a website buying their favorite jeans, they would prefer clicking on the menu on the same site to look for a branded headphone rather than restlessly roaming around Google to get look for a separate website. The multi-vendor websites serve this purpose.

Packing, Packaging and Shipping by Vendors

In a Multi Vendor Platform, the vendors directly deal with the Packing, Packaging and Shipping of products that they are directly selling to the customers through this platform.

Lower Investment and Reduced Efforts

Setting up a physical marketplace requires a big capital, land area, construction time, workforce but an Online Marketplace requires considerably less investment. Less building time, less workforce and absolutely no land!

No Stock Maintenance Required

The inventory related complications like Warehousing or Human Resources Costs that arise upon starting a multi vendor ecommerce store will be maintained directly by the sellers/vendors.

Lesser Expenses

Every seller will be managing their shop on their own, so you don’t need to hire experts to do it. You can instead spend more time on responding to  more critical issues related to scaling and marketing. With an experienced team on your side, you can cut down website maintenance related expenses.

What to Expect while Buying a Multi Vendor ECommerce Website/Web-Application Package

Generally you will get the following in the Multi Vendor E-Commerce Website/Web-Application Package.

  1. Customer Panel/ User Panel

Your Customers will use this to not only access all features of the website like Tracking Orders, Messaging Vendors but also sell a product or a service. They can also:

  • View Statistical Data on Dashboard
  • Track Orders
  • View Account Information
  • Mark their Favorite Sellers
  • Interact with Sellers
  • Raise a Ticket or Manage Disputes
  • Access their Own Vendor Panel
  • Check their Commissions and Even Withdraw

2. Vendor Panel

This will be where your vendors will access all features available for them. They can view and manage the following information.

  • Dashboard and Statistical Reports related to orders placed for their products,orders processed, sales made and so on.
  • Product Listing and Management of their products will be performed easily through this feature.
  • Commission Management – they can check their balance and even withdraw
  • Shipping Management – They can manage how the products will be packaged and which shipping method will be used to ship her from here.
  • Bulk Product Information Import is possible which makes it time-saving to add products on the website.

3. Admin Panel/ Super Admin Panel

You will be managing all your users-Customers and Vendors- from here. You can manage what Products are listed, how the Home Page will look like, what offers will be made available to the customers, which Vendors are Authorized to sell and many more functions,

  • Website Management

You can control what products are listed, what ad and promotional banners are available, which products are eligible for affiliate marketing, how the home page looks like, what features will your customer and vendor have access to and so on.

  • Customer Management

You can manage the complete list of customers registered with you and get in contact with your customers to resolve their issues. You can provide discount offers and promo codes to encourage your customers to buy more with you.

  • Vendor Management

You can choose which vendors will be able to list their products on your website after verifying the authenticity of their documents. You can add or remove vendors and question them on the basis of the customer response you receive on their products and many more such functions.

4. Website/ Multi Vendor Web Application

Your customers will search for products on the search bar and even apply filters to narrow down the search through several categories and place orders for the products they like. They will make payments here as well using payment gateways, wallets linked with the website..

It is advisable that this aspect of the package is attractive and not just functional to attract more customers and keep them engaged.


Multi Vendor E-Commerce Websites offer more product varieties and result in a higher number of happy customers. Especially now that the onset of Pandemic is leading to lock downs for safety of the people, an E-Commerce Website will end up being the store from where the customers will want to place orders while ensuring safety and comfort of their families.