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On Demand Cab Booking Service Software in Jamshedpur

Cab Booking Service

Cab Booking Service Software and Applications have become an important mode of transportation across several places. The Cab Booking Industry is growing as “essential services” at a fast pace. A lot of businesses are plunging into a Cab Booking Management System to dominate a share of the growing market. Every Cab Agency needs an application to expand their services in the digital world.

By making use of an Online Cab Booking Platform, a cab agency can make their customers’ booking experience smoother and this is eventually expanding their customer base. It makes life easier for the drivers too.

An Online Cab Booking App tracks a customer’s booking history and offers a variety of online payment options via payment gateways. Customers can order a cab of their choice from a wide range of alternatives, directly from such an Online Cab Booking Platform.

Cab Booking Software System offers a feature rich UI that gives your customers the confidence to book cab services. It allows customers to make bookings and payments online at any time & from anywhere.

On-Demand Cab Booking Service Software and Its Importance During the Pandemic

With the onset of the pandemic, people who were relying on ride-hailing services for their transportation needs now prefer to avoid stepping out of their homes as the risk of transmission increases.

Online Cab Booking Service Software in Jamshedpur will ensure that people will be able to go out for important work while abiding by the guidelines issued by the Government.

Now is the time for cab businesses to invest in On-Demand Cab Booking Service Software. The post-pandemic era would witness a surge in ride-hailing services, making a Cab Booking Service Software an excellent investment.

Benefits of Cab Booking Service Software in Jamshedpur to Owners

Here are the benefits of Cab Booking Service Software in Jamshedpur to Owners:

No Heavy Installation

You don’t have to install any heavy duty machinery to run this software. A System to access the web admin and a smart device to run the app along with internet connection is all Cab Booking Service Software requires.


Cab Booking Service Software comes with simple, real-time dashboards so Admin can monitor important business statistics at a glimpse in attractive graphical representation..

Easy User Management

Be it the Customer or the Driver, the admin/owner can manage everything from the admin panel easily. They can add users, verify the Driver accounts, Check driver’s availability and so on.

Booking Management

The Admin can manage all the cab bookings from different users. He can accept or reject an order request on the basis of Driver’s availability.

Send Notifications Easily

The admin can easily send broadcast notifications to all users or to individual users as per need. The users can get access to all updates and alerts in real time..

Live Tracking

This feature allows the admin to track the driver’s position from the admin panel. The Admin can know when the Driver is active and available to take orders on the base of their location.

Benefits of Cab Booking Service Software in Jamshedpur to Users

Here are the benefits of Cab Booking Service Software in Jamshedpur to users:

Book From Anywhere, Anytime

The customer can hire a cab from anywhere whenever the need arises.

Predetermined Fare

The cab drivers cannot deceive the customer as the cab fare is visible in the customer app.

Several Payment Modes

If the customers do not have cash in hand, they can make payments using wallet apps like Paytm and G-pay or they can pay using Payment Gateways like Razerpay, and so on. Time and distance determines the price.

Online Reviews & Rating

The customers can leave their reviews and ratings and avail better services as the admin can analyse all these feedbacks and update their facilities accordingly.

Travel and Payment History

The customers can view their travel history and also their Payment History.

Track the Ride

The customers can check if they are en-route the correct direction leading to the correct destination. This will make them feel safer when travelling. 

Select From a List of Vehicles

The customers can pick the kind of ride on the basis of their requirements.

Verified Professional Drivers

The customers can view the complete verified profile of the drivers in their app. 


The Customer can learn what is the brand and model of the incoming car, how the driver looks like, what the number plate says and how far is he from the pickup point through notifications.


Now your customers can set aside their worries and travel anywhere, anytime of the day hassle free. They can avail the nearest available cab within minutes even while sitting at the comforts of their home and you will make it possible for them.
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