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On-Demand Food Delivery Mobile Application

On Demand Food Delivery Application

What to Expect from an Online On Demand Food Delivery Application Package

Generally, you will get a project package with the following:

  1. Customer App – For Customers to order food from digital menu cards of listed restaurant(s) at affordable rates and make payments through payment gateways available in the app.
  2. Delivery Agent App – For delivery agents to get order and delivery details so they can timely and accurately deliver the order.
  3. Restaurant Manager App – For restaurants to manage the customers orders and assign the available delivery agent to those orders. They can also manage and redress customer grievances.
  4. Admin Panel – This panel is used for managing all back end and front end functions of the entire project!

Customer Application

Since this application will be in direct contact with your customer, it should have an excellent user interface and user experience. There are some major points that you should lookout for!

Simple Login

Since this is the first step into the On-demand Food Delivery App Development. The user should be able to access the app’s features after entering a few details like names, contact numbers, email addresses, unique usernames and strong passwords.

This not only helps tracking of the customers but also in providing personalized services like names of preferred food items, favourite food places among others.

Easy Navigation Through Menu

A Digital Restaurant Menu for listed restaurant(s) must be prepared with food item names, relevant images and current prices.

The menu could be categorized into sections like Indian or Chinese. It would be great if it contained the reviews and the ratings of the specific dishes.

The easy navigation and search functions will help customers to find their favourite food items,without having to scroll down for several minutes!

Special Instructions

Customers should be able to order along with special instructions like say, No Onion or Garlic in certain food items they’ve ordered, or, say, they ask you to deliver the food to a neighbour if they are not available, or, they ask to leave the food at the gate with watchmen from where they can pick up later, or, they ask you not to ring the bell and so on.

Add to Cart

Your customers should be able to increase or decrease the food items just by tapping on plus and minus in the cart itself.

When your customers have chosen the items they want to order, they should be able to  move further to the cart and checkout easily. They should be able to complete the payment process and apply discount coupons or promo codes, if any, in order to get discounts or cashbacks. 

Order Tracking

It is a plus point if your customers can track the order process and delivery status in real-time and get updated up until they receive the orders.

Feedback and Support

Your customers should be able to provide feedback on both the food quality and the quality and timeliness of the delivery agent’s service. This will not only help you upgrade your dishes and keep a check on your delivery agent’s services but also encourage more customers to choose from you.

You should also be able to give technical or order related support to resolve customer’s issues..

Best On Demand Food Delivery App Solution

Delivery Agent Application

The Delivery Agent will receive the delivery assignments from you through this application. They will also receive the complete customer and order details to pick up the correct orders and deliver them to the correct address at the right time. There are few major points you need to keep in mind!

Login Process and User Account Authentication

Your delivery persons should be able to login to the app easily by providing their Name, contact number, email address and also should be able to submit his documents for authentication of the accounts.

Delivery Assignment Notification and Status Update

The delivery agents should be able to receive notifications when the restaurant manager requests to deliver a new order. After delivering the food at the doorstep of customers, they should be able to update the order status as delivered.

Route Tracking Using Maps

Through maps, the delivery agent can easily check the address of the restaurant from where to pick up the delivery and locate the exact address of the customers for the customer’s delivery.

Customer and Order Details

The delivery agent should be able to view customer details like contact number and delivery address when accepting the order. They can also view order details like what quantity has been ordered and for what price. 

Call/Message Options

Your delivery agents should have in-app calling or messaging options to connect with the customers for any inconvenience or confirmations.

Delivery History

Your delivery agent must be able to check total orders delivered and orders rejected in order.

Work Status

Your delivery agent should be able to update their work status to inform the admin whether they are available for work or not.


You delivery agent should be able to check their total earnings made weekly, monthly, and yearly.

Profile Management

Delivery agents should be able to maintain their profile with an updated contact number, email id and photo using the profile section.

Help & Support

Your Delivery agent must be able to access help and support during emergencies from the Admin.

Restaurant Manager Application/Web Admin

This app will be used by you, the Restaurant Manager, to manage all customer orders and delivery agents.

Login Process

The owner of the restaurant can log in from his account and can manage the restaurant directly or indirectly, and you can also do fine-tuning to the orders.

Digital Menu

It is extremely important for the restaurant owners to oversee their menu or the food catalog. The owner has to display a full range of choices to pick from including the food item descriptions and relevant images.

Managing and Tracking Orders

The restaurant owner should be able to manage all the orders they have received from a number of customers. They should be able to track which order has been assigned to which delivery agent and also track the orders.

Track Payments

The owner must be able to track if the customer’s payments have been processed or not.

Tracking Customer Reviews

The restaurant owner should be able to check the customer’s ratings and reviews to know what’s trending among customers and to implement it if possible.

Push Notifications

The restaurant owners should be able to send push notifications individually or as a broadcast message to the customers or the delivery agents when necessary.

Admin Panel

This is the last but vital part of this online food delivery app package.

In case of a Single Restaurant On Demand Food Delivery App, this will be used by the Restaurant owner himself. However if it is a Multi-Restaurant Food Delivery App, this will not be administered by the individual restaurant owners but by a separate person, organisation who will manage the whole setup. 

Admin Login

The admin organizes all the tasks and operations of the food delivery managing the restaurant and delivery persons.

Restaurant Management

The admin can add a restaurant, remove or question the restaurant on the basis of reviews and ratings submitted by the customers..

All Application Management

The admin can add, delete, edit or block any user, be it customer, delivery agents or even restaurants information from the database and manage all the mobile applications.

Payment Management

The admin can check and track the order payments.

Discount Offers and Promo Codes

The admin can send instant messages about the discount offers and promo codes to users. The admin may extend offer duration or end it earlier as per will.

Technical Support

The admin will be able to send messages when there are upgrades or issues in the app to all people.


To boost your position in the food industry, it is advisable that you get yourself the best online on demand food delivery app developed by the Best Mobile App Developer.