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Why Should You As A Small Business Invest In A Mobile Application

Small Business Mobile App Development

Businesses can use technology in more ways than one today and it’s not an uncommon practice for a business to invest in a Small Business Application or Mobile Application. The main reason for this is the hike in smartphone use in the past few years. People are spending more time on their mobile phones than their laptop or desktop devices.

The mobile apps available in different APP stores for different functions like mobile shopping, social media networking, fitness APPs, messaging APPs and more are making everyday activities of people simpler and convenient. 

it’s therefore essential for business owners to invest in Mobile App Development to enhance their business growth. Businesses can reach their customers easily with a mobile app offering them “Convenience” which is the main reason people engage with mobile APPs in the first place. .

In this article we will discuss the Types and why should you as a small business Invest In a mobile application and also why you should hire a Mobile APP Development Agency.

What is a Mobile APP?

A mobile application, also referred to as a mobile app or simply an app, is a computer program or software application designed to run on a mobile device such as a phone, tablet, or watch.

Types of Mobile APPs

There are three basic types of mobile apps:

Native APP 

Native APP or native application is a software application built in a specific programming language for one specific platform or operating system., either iOS or Android. Native apps are coded using a variety of programming languages like Java, Python, Swift, Objective-C, C++, and React. 

Native apps have the advantage of being faster and more reliable in terms of performance. Native apps give users a more optimized customer experience. Native apps connect with the device’s hardware directly so they have access to a broad choice of device features like Bluetooth, Contacts, Camera and so on., 

However, the code you create for one platform cannot be reused on another. you have to duplicate efforts for each of the different platforms. This drives up costs


Web APP are responsive versions of websites that can work on any mobile device or OS because they’re delivered using a mobile browser. Web APPs are accessed via a web browser on your mobile device. Web APPs adapt its user interface to the device the user is on. Web APPs are typically written in HTML/CSS/JavaScript and so on. 

They are compatible with any mobile OS. They won’t take up space on your device memory like native apps but they won’t completely work offline. Web apps are entirely dependent on the browser used on the device so users may all have varying experiences with differences in functionalities..

Hybrid APP

Hybrid APP are combinations of both native and web apps, but wrapped within a native app, giving it the ability to have its own icon or be downloaded from an app store. These APPs have responsive design, fast performance, and are even able to function offline, but they’re really web apps made to look native.

Hybrid apps use a mixture of web technologies and native APIs.

These are more economical than a native app. They work well even with slower internet connections, giving users a consistent user experience. But they are slower than native apps.

Why Should You As A Small Business Invest In A Mobile Application

Here are a few benefits of launching your own mobile app in the market for Small Business

Increased Market Penetration

Mobile APPs tend to achieve a higher market penetration as compared to other platforms as mobile apps drag the attention of potential users quite effectively, getting them converted into a buyer making the transformation quite easy.

Provide Personalised User Experience

Mobile apps allow you to build a stronger relationship with your customers and promote your business by offering unique features for mobile users for great customer experience available exclusively on the app. Through the mobile APP, they get to deliver a personalized experience to the customers, by respecting their privacy settings or allowing them to create wishlists and so on.

Increased Visibility Of Your Brand

The greatest benefit that comes from offering your customers a Mobile App is the possibility to increase your brand’s visibility. Simply having an app installed on a mobile serves as a great reminder when your customers repeatedly see your logo whilst scrolling through their apps.

Improved Sales

Mobile applications are a great way to gain new customers and drive sales as they enable shopping from anywhere at any time. Instead of going to the physical store at a given time or calling your business number to make an order, your customers can easily order products or services through their phone.

Location Tracking

Through mobile APPs, you can use their location and profile information to personalize your offers in order to make them more relevant and attractive. For example, if your customer is travelling from Jharkhand to Maharashtra, you can start showing offers that they can avail in Maharashtra.

Easy Mobile Payments

Mobile APPs can easily be integrated with secure and easy online payment options making it very convenient for the customers to purchase anything through the APP.


mobile apps are cost-effective. Though investment is required for development and maintenance, the profitability ratio is quite good.

Larger Audience

Mobile application will increase your business’s global reach as it has been proven that a large percentage of people around the world are on mobile and have internet access.

Makes Market Research Easier

You can use a mobile app to capture information about customer behavior and preferences easily and then use these insights to make your marketing strategy even more useful.

Direct Marketing Channel

Mobile APPS can serve as a direct marketing channel for your brand. Customers can use your mobile app to learn about everything relevant to your business like the products and services you offer, or your new releases, special promotions, and so on directly from you which makes it easier for businesses to connect and interact directly with their customers.

Improved Customer Support

A mobile app allows your business to be there for the customer when they need you most. If customers can’t reach you then, you’ll miss out on an opportunity to make a sale. A mobile app helps to create a bridge between customers and businesses, through a wide range of communication and customer service options.

Why Should you Hire Quarks Tech Infosoft for Developing your Mobile Application?

When you hire a dedicated Mobile APP Development Agency like Quarks Tech Infosoft to build an app for your business, you are allowing your business to have different opportunities regardless of the size of your business or whether you have a physical store or not. 

We provide one stop solutions for all your digital needs irrespective of your trade and industry. Depending on your organization, we have different products and services which can be optimized and customized as per your requirements. We aim to deliver high quality and cost-effective Mobile Application Development Services. We also provide Support and Maintenance Services. Last but not the least, our development process is very inclusive and we consistently encourage feedback from our clients at every major step of the App Development Process.